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Water Times

Sand dunes and lake at sunset in Pinery Provincial Park
Pinery Provincial Park Sunset

Ever the water times a challenge to get to since we’ve strayed so far from the rivers that birthed us into the arms of a cunning abductor that compelled us to see it as father Haven’t we, feet in the sand, been reminded that it’s calming this close to the ground? Fresh lake, life all around Yet we return to our towns, towers, tires, tiers, tears… As if protected from the land and provided with anything more than it can give us

Living a dystopian fantasy we’ve been told and sold for too long, we struggle to let go because the hold is relentlessly strong The system is consumption, domination, war, abuse to overshadow equal rights to this land and its use When will we be prepared to cradle earth in our palms and nailbeds, give it back and tend it in tandem with those who know its wisdom most deeply? Only then will we truly understand survival and prosperity

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